Parking Lot Sealcoating

Expert Seal Coating Service

  • Why seal asphalt?

    Without asphalt sealer, your asphalt starts to oxidize and lose the asphalt binder which is what holds the asphalt together. This usually happens six months to a year after installation of new asphalt. What the sealer does is replenish the binder which is lost from aging and weathering and gives your asphalt protection against weather, water, and chemicals such as gas and other oil products.

  • When should it be done?

    Sealcoating your asphalt should be done 60 to 90 days after installation of new asphalt and after that every three to four years depending on the wear of your sealer on your asphalt.

  • How do you fill cracks?

    When we fill cracks we use two types of crack filling material. One is a cold pour material. This is used to fill cracks 1/2-inch or smaller. The other crack filler we use is hot crack filler. This crack filler needs to be heated before use and is good for cracks 1/2-inch and bigger. We normally use this material on parking lots, road ways, and areas where there are large cracks.

  • How do we fix oil spots?

    When working with oil spots, there is an oil spot primer that we use when oil spots are big and what this does is treat the oil so that it does not bleed through the sealer. This primer is applied before sealer is applied. When the spots are untreatable, we usually remove the asphalt where the oil spot exists or patch the area.
    All of these materials are non-hazardous and environmentally-safe.


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