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Napa, CA, has been able to trust APCO Paving Co for all its paving needs because we offer many services that go above and beyond just concrete and asphalt. We are a family-owned and operated business that treats each client like family, and we make the paving process easy to follow and understand from start to finish. For over 40 years, we have been the paving professionals who have provided California with top-shelf paving services like seal coating, road grading, parking lot installation, and more. Our company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you know that every time our paving contractors come to the job site they fulfill every aspect of being a true pavement professional. No matter what sort of asphalt project you might have a need for, contact us today for a detailed estimate.
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  • Seeking paving work that is affordable and understandable can be difficult, and our goal is always to make the process easy for each and every one of our customers.
  • As a fully-equipped paving and seal coating company, we can tackle any paving work you need, from driveways at home to parking lots at work.
  • Our fast turn-around times are an important part of APCO Paving Co, always striving to do the absolute best in completing scheduled work so that your business experiences the fewest interruptions.

About Napa, CA

The largest city and county seat of Napa County, Napa is a principal city of Wine Country. Found in the North Bay region of the Bay Area, the city had a population of over 77,000 souls as of 2021. It is a major tourist destination for anyone visiting Northern California. Visitors and locals alike know it for its arts, culture, wineries, and stellar restaurants.

The name of Napa has always been long disputed. Originally, it was a Native American word, translated into many different words. The most plausible explanation has been that it was derived from the Patwin word “napo” which means “house”. The first recorded exploration was in 1823 by Spanish priests. American immigrants didn’t arrive until the 1830s.

Napa has a significant portion of its workforce dedicated to wineries, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality overall, leaving no question as to what to expect should you visit the area. It is the place to turn if you want to try wine or experience the Wine Country traditions and culture. The Napa Valley Business Park is right next to the Napa County Airport, making it very convenient for any visitors to immediately stop by and enjoy the local shopping and flavor.

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parking lot maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance Saves Napa CA Apartment Complex

A serene apartment complex in Napa, California faced challenges as its asphalt parking lot succumbed to cracks and deterioration, posing risks with faded lines. The solution? APCO Paving Co.‘s comprehensive parking lot maintenance, which includes our high-quality asphalt resurfacing and line striping services. APCO Paving Co.: Elevating Napa, CA Apartment Living with Expert Parking Lot […]

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