Parking Lot Repair

For California business owners with a damaged parking lot, choosing the right repairs is crucial to avoid the costly option of pavement replacement. By opting for appropriate maintenance, such as crack filling, pothole patching, and sealcoating, you can restore the integrity and functionality of your paved areas without needing a total replacement.

Trust a reputable paving company to assess your parking lot and recommend the most suitable repair solutions. In the Bay Area of California, APCO Paving Co is that trusted company.

Parking Lot Repair or Replace?

The sad fact is that if you don’t keep up with repairs on your commercial pavement, it will eventually require replacement, which is an expensive project. Let your local asphalt company take you through your repair options.

Commerical Repair Options from APCO Paving Co

Our targeted asphalt repairs address specific issues, prolong the lifespan of your commercial asphalt, and save you money.

Crack Filling – Filling and sealing cracks to prevent water infiltration and further damage.

Patching – Repairing localized areas that have deteriorated or developed potholes.

Milling & Overlays – Removing the surface layer and replacing it with new to improve the pavement’s condition and smoothness.

Line Striping – Applying markings and lines on paved surfaces to designate parking spaces, traffic flow, and other navigational elements.

About Replacement Services

Your pavement has a lifespan and must be replaced with new asphalt eventually. This involves demolishing your existing pavement, fixing any grading problems with the base layer, and repaving the entire area. Though APCO is well-versed in parking lot paving, this is an extensive project, so it’s best to put it off as long as possible with more cost-effective repair solutions like resurfacing.

APCO Paving Co: Commercial Asphalt Experts in CA’s Bay Area

Revitalize your pavement with APCO Paving Co., California’s trusted commercial asphalt company. Our advanced parking lot repair services, including crack filling, pothole patching, and sealcoating, will give your pavement a new lease on life.

Don’t wait! Contact us today for expert solutions to enhance your parking lot’s safety, functionality, and appearance.

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