Commercial Asphalt Paving Transforms Richmond, CA Business

In the vibrant community of Richmond, California, APCO Paving Co. emerges as the trusted name for revitalizing local businesses with top-notch commercial asphalt paving. Recently, a local business owner had pavement damage that made their property look unprofessional, unattractive, and run-down. After discovering APCO through Google, they knew we were the asphalt contractors to call.

APCO: Reviving Local Businesses with Commercial Asphalt Paving

commercial asphalt pavingThe property presented a dismal picture – aged pavement with grass peeking through cracks and water puddles where the pavement had sunk. Our tailored solution? Comprehensive parking lot installation to breathe new life into the property.

The service process began with demolition, ensuring the removal and responsible disposal of old pavement, debris, and vegetation. In some cases, we recycle the old asphalt as a sustainable base layer, but the Richmond project involved installing a new aggregate subbase layer. Grading and sloping followed, creating a surface that efficiently drains water during heavy rain, preserving structural integrity.

Next, the sub-base installation involved precise measurement and compaction, forming a robust barrier against cold weather and providing a stable surface for the new commercial pavement. The binder layer application, a thicker asphalt cement layer, filled irregularities in the base, creating a stable foundation for the final surface layer.

The culmination was the application of hot asphalt, resulting in a sleek, black surface that enhanced the commercial property’s visual appeal and provided durability against the rigors of commercial use.

APCO Paving Co.: A Legacy of Pavement Excellence Since 1983

Since 1983, our team has been a beacon of quality in residential and commercial asphalt paving across Alameda and Contra Costa. As a family-owned local business, we prioritize community care and aim to be the trusted professionals for all paving needs. Our dedicated team and top-notch equipment ensure we can handle projects of any size. Beyond commercial asphalt paving excellence, we offer 24

-hour emergency service and free estimates, ensuring accessibility for our valued clients.

For Richmond businesses, APCO Paving Co. is the go-to solution for transforming commercial properties. Elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality with our expert asphalt paving. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the APCO difference!

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