Asphalt Repair Options

When they discover cracks in their driveway or potholes in their parking lot, property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area can wonder about their asphalt repair options. Your pavement is your most significant investment, and professional repair services from a trusted paving company are the most effective way to protect its value.

In California, APCO Paving Co is the go-to choice known for its professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence. We’ve been helping Bay Area business owners improve their parking lots and homeowners in communities like Dublin, CA, get better driveways since 1984. Whatever your pavement repair needs, we’re here for you.

Three Asphalt Repair Options from APCO Paving Co

Our repair solutions are tailored to the specific type of damage your asphalt pavement is subject to, and here’s how some work.

Problem: Cracks. Solution: Crack Filling & Sealing

Crack filling and crack sealing work in tandem to fix cracked pavement effectively. While crack filling involves filling the crack with a specialized material, crack sealing goes further by applying a protective sealant over the surface. This combined approach ensures a durable, long-lasting solution, preventing water infiltration and further deterioration.

Problem: Surface Wear. Solution: Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a highly effective solution for addressing a paved surface’s wear and tear. Applying a protective layer over the asphalt acts as a barrier against harmful elements like UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. This helps prevent oxidation, cracking, and fading, ultimately extending the pavement’s lifespan and restoring its appearance and durability.

Problem: Potholes. Solution: Patching

Asphalt patching services are essential for repairing potholes and restoring the integrity of paved surfaces. The process involves removing damaged or deteriorated areas, preparing the base, and filling the void with fresh asphalt. Properly patched potholes prevent further damage, improve safety, and ensure smooth and functional pavement for vehicles and pedestrians.

APCO Paving Co: Asphalt Repair Specialists in Dublin, CA

With our expertise and commitment to quality, we provide reliable solutions to fix potholes, cracks, and other pavement issues. Contact us today, and let us restore the integrity and safety of your paved surfaces.

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