Asphalt Repair Improves Clayton CA Private Streets

Nestled in Clayton, California, a residential subdivision faced a pavement predicament. Sun and rain-induced oxidation and everyday use led to cracks and deterioration on the streets. Enter APCO Paving Co., the trusted choice of property managers for swift and reliable asphalt repair.

Transforming Clayton, CA Streets with Comprehensive Asphalt Repair

asphalt repairThe solution? A comprehensive repair involving complete pavement removal and repaving. Our expert team assessed the streets and determined that a full-depth removal and replacement was optimal. We pulverized and removed the worn pavement by milling and addressing subbase issues before executing precise asphalt paving for brand-new, durable roads.

Re-construction is often better than starting over. If your existing roadway or parking lot has surpassed its useful life, APCO Paving Co. offers a solution for a bright future – removal and replacement. This process involves removing and responsibly disposing of the worn-out pavement, sometimes recycling it in other projects! After disposal, we meticulously re-grade the existing base materials and install new asphalt, compacting it to your desired thickness.

An alternative approach involves pulverizing the existing material, creating a robust base for re-grading and compacting, surpassing the quality of a new base layer. With the graded old material ensuring proper drainage and compaction, the new pavement we installed is fortified and ready to withstand the tests of time.

“Removal and Replacement” is more than just a service – a reconstruction strategy ensuring strength and longevity.

Pave the Way to a Brighter Future: California property owners, call APCO Paving Co. for expert asphalt repair!

Ready to pave the way to a brighter future for your roads? Please speak with our experts for your next residential or commercial project. Since 1983, we’ve been a dedicated family-owned business offering superior paving services to the Alameda and Contra Costa area. We care about our community and aim to be your trusted professionals for all your commercial asphalt paving needs, equipped with the right team and equipment to handle any job of any size.

For Clayton residents, trust APCO Paving Co. to transform your streets with top-notch asphalt repair services. Contact us today for a roadway revival that ensures safety, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

Clayton asphalt repair street

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