Fully licensed, insured and bonded, APCO PAVING CO. offers complete services in:

-Asphalt Paving
-Asphalt Grinding
-Asphalt Patching
-Parking Lot Maintenance
-Asphalt Maintenance
-Brick Pavers

Using the finest in techniques, materials and equipment APCO PAVING CO.  insures you a professional result.  Jesse and his son understand the needs of their customers and are always open to any request the customer may have to make their experience more pleasant
APCO has been serving the entire bay area since 1984.Our commitment to the quality of our work has made us well known for our great work and our fast turn around time for paving and concrete projects.  APCO is a fully equiped paving and seal coating company. If it has to do with Your driveway at home or  the road or parking lot you drive or park on we could handle it all. Here at Apco we are a family owned and operated buisness. At APCO we ensure a high quality of work and professionalism from the beginning to the end of all our projects. We offer many services such as Paving, Grading, and Seal Coating and much more. We are located in Concord,CA. We look forward to hearing from you and  possibly paving your project thanks from APCO.